Privacy Statement

Privacy statement, Digit ry

Valid from 4.4.2023

1. Registrar

Digit ry, Vesilinnantie 5, Agora 20014, University of Turku

2. The person in charge of the registers

The President of the guild's board. Their contact information is available at You can contact the board at digit(at)

3. Names of the registers

Digit ry's Register of members
Digit ry's Register of event participants

4. The purpose of processing personal data

The main task of Digit ry is to promote its members' interests and to organize various events to them.

Digit ry's Register of members is a list of the association's members in accordance with the Associations Act 11§.

The personal data stored in the registers is used in the following:

  • To maintain the list of members and internal mailing lists
  • To communicate about the services and events of the guild
  • To organize events and implement member surveys

5. The contents of the register, data sources and the duration of data storage

The data stored in the member register are the following:

  1. The full name of the member
  2. The municipality of residence
  3. E-mail
  4. Utu-account
  5. Membership start date
  6. The length of the membership
  7. Major

The information listed above is collected at the beginning of the membership and deleted once it expires.

Information is collected to the register of event participants as events are organized. Depending on the type of the event, the following data can be collected at the time of sign-up:

  1. The full name of the participant
  2. E-mail
  3. Status of the participants membership of Digit ry or any other organizing entity
  4. Menu selection or diet restrictions
  5. Seating preferences

The information is collected at the time of sign-up and deleted once the storage of it is no longer necessary to organize the event. In the case of paid events, the information is deleted once the participant has paid all the fees associated.

6. Recipients of personal data and Transfer of personal data

Access to the information collected may be given to the board members of Digit ry.

Personal information is not transferred to third parties without the consent of the person in question. If in the case of event organizing the personal information is given to any other organizing parties, it is explicitly mentioned when signing up.

While updating the admittance for members of Digit ry their personal information may be given to the person responsible for the admittance within the University of Turku.

7. The principles of data protection

The data contained in the registers is handled carefully with data protection in mind. The registrar is responsible for keeping the registers sufficiently secured and making sure that they can be viewed only by those with a permission to do so.

8. Rights of the registered person

The right to access personal data collected
The registered person has the right to review all the information stored in the registers and how they are handled. A review request can be sent to the board at digit(at)

The right to correct and delete personal information
The registered person has the right to correct or remove information by informing the board. The registrar will correct, delete or fill in any incorrect or redundant personal data at the request of the individual or by themselves when needed.