Digit ry

The Computer Engineering Guild of University of Turku. Engineering student traditions since 1999.

Digit ry?

Digit, founded in 1999, is a student organisation focusing on producing culture, events and promoting the interests of computer engineering students of Turku University. Engineering student organisations are also known as guilds.

Digit has several hundred active student members and alumni. Thanks to the high volume of volunteering members Digit is very active, exceptionally dynamic and adapts well to our ever-shifting landscape of organisations, companies and other stakeholders.

Did you know? The ‘ry’ after Digit stands for (non-profit) registered association.

Event calendar

Problematic Situations Form

If you encounter bullying, harassment or any kind of discrimination or inappropriate treatment or action in Digit’s events or operation, you can anonymously tell us about what happened using this form.

All submitted forms are handled confidentially and can only be seen by the President, Vice President and Equality Officer of Digit. They will work with related parties, assess the situation to their best ability and help you, directing you towards TYY’s or TK’s harassment contact personnel or professional support personnel if needed.