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29/05/2024, 12:00 - 29/06/2024, 12:00

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"What weather, what a summer, all we need now is... "

Kesänollaus 2024

  • 29.6. at 15
  • Kaupunkikartano Ruokoranta, Hirvensalo
  • Games, sauna and the best company a Turku teekkari could wish for

Kesänollaus is the traditional summer season event of the 0-kerho, where alumni and other teekkarians gather to get away from the worries of work and spend time together. The evening will feature the legendary olympics with completely revamped sports, a hot tub full of fun and karaoke to end the evening.

The summer solstice will be celebrated surrounded by a lake and sauna at the City Manor Ruokoranta, Hirvensalo. Swimming, rowing and funnelling are possible at the lake. There will be small barbecue, snacks and drinks. We recommend everyone to take their own summer refreshments with them, so as not to get dehydrated. The event starts at 15.00 and the sauna and hot tub will stay warm throughout the evening🌤


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