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Dear sport lovers, the festive gathering is now underway! Step inside and experience an adventure that will take you into the world of the Summer Olympics - full of racing, the excitement of a sports festival and a sense of community!

Dress up in the colours of your favourite teams or in a modern or ancient Olympic theme, because today we're competing at the highest level of sitzing! Get ready to enjoy Olympic-themed cheer from morning to night, whether you're more of a bench athlete or a racer. The atmosphere will be at its peak during this session, as friends and party guests from all over the world gather together to enjoy the fun and unforgettable atmosphere. This is the moment when you can leave your everyday worries behind and throw yourself into the festive spirit!

These all-day festivities start on Saturday 20th of April at 9:00 am at Q-house (Nummenpuistokatu 2). Please arrive early to ensure that the Olympic flame is lit at the right time. The price for this treat is 28€. The price includes two sitz sittings with drinks and food, and of course admission to the subsequent parties and an overall badge. The sitz ends at around 6pm, followed by the Olympic Village Party in the same venue. The after-party will include a sauna and a tub, in addition to more free hanging out and playing games.

Registration opens on Wednesday 3th of April at 12:00, and the fastest 112 will get to join the party! Registration is open until 13th of April. Registration is binding.

What? Aamusitz and Olympicvillageparties
Where? Q-house (Nummenpuistokatu 2)
When? Saturday 20.4. at 9am
How much? 28€
What to wear? Olympic theme
Why? Fun all day long!


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